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oh hey, i see you have stumbled upon my blog. welcome, i hope you enjoy your stay Any way im Mike and ill be doing the prince thing if you need me theres a nice ask box over here that allows you to ask your most desired questions

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Marluxia at Anime USA 2013

Marluxia | Photographer


キルラ詰め⑦ by ゆうちとせ
※Permission to upload this was given by the artist


KILL la KILL illustrations by TRIGGER animator Koutarou Nakamori (中森晃太郎) for episode 23 ! Really loved Sanageyama’s part on this week’s episode, thank Hayao that Nakashima is a genius.

"I have to go all-out against you, Director. My eyes have been opened! That's where "enlightenment" comes from!"
The Four Devas of Honnoji Academy